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The Highway Mafia

When the cattle traffickers strike,one man decides to hit back

“They are here and will probably reach your location in another 10 minutes,” answered a shaky voice on the phone.

“Good! Good! Keep track of them and don’t lose sight of them. See you in a bit,” replied Arjun. As soon he disconnected the call, his stern gaze broke into a devilish grin as he announced to his accomplices, “The hunt begins.”

Based on real events, The Highway Mafia is a political-crime fiction book that shows the transformation of a young businessman, who has an unexpected encounter with one of the most dreaded mafia groups in the country.

Find out what happens, when a secular youngster decides to choose the path of progressive activism to fight a multibillion-dollar worth organized crime of cattle trafficking that rely on political clout and black money to smuggle cattle.


A Must Read !!

One of the best Books in the recent past & the Author's narrative style is spell bounding. Truly magical & depicts the reality of today....Must Read !!

-Amazon Customer

Was spellbound impeccably after reading through what really happens to ...

Was spellbound impeccably after reading through what really happens to our four legged friends all just for their meat. The language was so simple in such a way that i dint need to refer to the dictionary every once in a while. Kudos to the author to have written on such a serious yet underrated issue that no one really talks about unless it hurts their religious modus operandi. Definitely worth a read.

-Arshath Feras

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